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Retirement Guides

Ready to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone?

Get 13 ways to start challenging yourself to live your best life.

30-Day Stress Less Calendar.

Live a healthier life by reducing stressors you may not even know you have.

Keeping Your Brain Healthy!

Learn how to improve memory skills. Get brain games and more.

Do’s & Don’ts of Downsizing.

What to give, donate, or discard. Advice from a best-selling author.

Living the Good Life in Retirement.

Discover the 7 secrets to living your best life starting now.

Kendal at Granville Guides

Kendal at Granville Financial Options.

Get our three financial options and a pricing chart for each type of residence.

Kendal at Granville Brochure.

Get a campus map and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Kendal at Granville Health Center Guide.

Discover how our person-centered approach to assisted living, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation works.

Residents Tell Their Stories.

Read resident stories on how they made the decision to move and what it’s like to live at Kendal at Granville.

On-Demand Webinars

What Options Do I Have for All My “Stuff”?

with expert Heather Follmer of Everything But the House, Inc.

Downsizing: Tips for Getting Started & Space Planning

with downsizing expert Samantha Stearns of Songbird Transitions

Estate Planning

with Bethany Stickradt, Esq., of Reese Pyle Meyer PLL